Week 15: Final Project Research

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgnf_zC8lag

The performance I chose was the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary U.S. Tour.  It’s hard to see a lot of the things from the video, so I’ll have to explain a lot here.  Projections and multimedia are heavily used in the production.  There are no traditional “backdrops”; all backgrounds are projected.  Near the beginning, there is a projection on a scrim in front of the actors rowing in the boat; the projection is of water splashing.  It makes it look like they are actually rowing through water.  In one scene, inside the sewers, the background moves to make it look like the actors are walking through the sewers of Paris.  One of the best parts is Javert’s Suicide, where he jumps off of a bridge – he is suspended in air, and as the bridge falls away, the background makes it look as if he is falling closer and closer to the water.  It is a really neat effect.


We decided to do a skit with our multimedia that includes an artist drawing doodles that come to life, with actors interacting in the scene.  There will be special lighting effects and music throughout.  It follows the story of two lovers going through each of the four seasons.