Week 9: 30-Second Spot Research


This commercial has always been one that I remembered and laughed at – my family even quotes it sometimes for a laugh.  It’s a Reebok commercial.  The comedy is what drew me to it.  As for what the commercial was trying to convey, I’m still unsure – I believe just having something super funny and remembering it’s tied to Reebok? Anyhow…

As for the production elements of the video… There wasn’t much music (some very faint in the background), because there was a lot of dialogue that needed to be focused on.  The contrast of the calmness of the C.E.O. and the anger of Terry Tate lends itself to the comedy of the commercial.  There are enough little “scenes” that keep the action going and the viewer’s attention, but they are all tied together, too (By Terry Tate attacking everyone misbehaving in the office).  The transitions are just basic cuts to the next shot – no fades or other special effects.

The simpleness of the transitions work well to keep the interest, since it is a fast-paced, action-packed commercial.  The visual and audio elements, as stated before, achieve the goal of making the viewer laugh.


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