Week 10: Final Project Research

I still have no idea what to do for my final project.  I have the technical abilities to do quite a bit, I think, but am lacking a really good, creative idea.

I looked through the other blog posts and it seems like everyone else is having a hard time coming up with an idea too.  I guess we all have similar thoughts in a way, then 😉

I’m not sure what else to put here except, if anyone’s reading this and perhaps has a good idea for something? I’ll point out my strengths and maybe someone will get an idea of how I could help their group or come up with an idea. I sew and work on costumes a lot.  I don’t have too many on hand (maybe ~10 finished costumes) because I sell them.  But I also have some unique hats and stuff.  Also, if it would be cheap and everyone could chip in, I can create a custom costume if anyone has an idea where you could utilize it.

My other strengths besides being tech-savvy and sewing would include stage makeup – fantasy, special effects, anything.  Also I paint and draw.  I did have one idea in my head of having an actor “paint” or draw a scene that is digitally projected.  Like draw a cartoon world around them, ala “Harold and the Purple Crayon”.  Although that would involve animation… while I can draw, I don’t know much about animation – I suppose video screen captures of drawing digitally could work quite well.  Like, white drawing on a black background.

Anyhoo if anyone thinks this is a cool idea let me know.  We could use multiple projectors and have an actor draw on the walls and even on the floor.  And if we have time or ability to, maybe these objects can even start moving and come alive around the actor. (Sound can be utilized too, like a cartoon lion coming to life and roaring).  And now suddenly, the reference in my head has switched from Harold & the Purple Crayon to the episode of Spongebob, where he finds a magic pencil / draws things / and they come alive.  I swear I’m an adult, I just have a lot of pop culture references in my head!!

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about the project any time, including Spring Break.  You can e-mail me through my UA e-mail – my id is KLH80.


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