Week 8: Final Project Preview

Last semester’s DigiTech projects:

As discussed in class, on the first video, it would have been really neat to see the kaleidoscope image larger in the background – or maybe even projected onto three screens if a larger projection wasn’t possible.  But I did see how the dance related to the kaleidoscope and enjoyed the video!

The second video was a good idea too.  I liked the hand-puppet idea.  But, one thing that looked “off” to me was the angle of the guy (like, if a light was really shining, it would not be hitting the frame — he seems too far off to the side for the angle to look real.)  I was also confused when there was text along with the shadow puppets, because he obviously didn’t create that with his hands!  But it was cool anyhow.

The third video had a really cool concept with the ghost.  I think it could have been executed a little cleaner (lining projections up), but it was still awesome.  I didn’t notice the mirror was not really a mirror (apparently it had posterboard over it so it could have a surface to project upon?) until I saw the projection.  So it had the illusion of a mirror with a ghost in it and was really successful.


I won’t comment on all the videos from a year ago, but I did enjoy the dancers with the projected feet the most, out of any of the videos listed on the blog.


I’m still unsure of what I’m going to do in my own final project.  I am nervous about topping last years, they were all very very good and creative!  I am great with technical stuff but lack a lot of originality/creativity when thinking up new ideas, so hopefully getting into a group will help me.


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