Week 5: Design Critique



Link to full-sized poster: https://artistkae.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/newyears_poster1.png

The principles of C.R.A.P. are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.


There is good contrast in this poster between the white text and the orange/scarlet background.  It stands out without needing a border or some kind of shadow behind the text.  There aren’t many contrasts with the texts, beyond the san serif-type font used in the main lettering, the font on the actual image of the theatre, and the Times New Roman font in the link at the very bottom.  But, a regular and italic form of the same font is used at the top.

There are some good contrasts between the shapes of the crowd, theatre, and sky; it sort of moves the eye downward.  The texts near the bottom do not overpower the main focus at the top.


The same font is used for the bulk of the lettering, but one version of it is italicized.  It makes the poster clean and informative; it is not too jumbled or confused.

The entire poster uses a color scheme of browns, scarlets, oranges, mustard yellows, and white.  Some of the yellow of the theatre can be seen in both the sky and the crowd.


The diagonal alignment of the tagline “Swing in the New Year” is repeated in the text announcing the orchestra.  The horizontal alignment is repeated in the show information, the theatre marquee, and the website link.

The lights in the sky sort of act as a link to connect all the important text together.  Also the alignment of them moving inward leads the eye down to the rest of the poster.


The information about when to see the show is grouped together – dates and times and number of performances.

The heading is in close proximity to what it is referring to – the name of the orchestra.

The crowd at the bottom is in close proximity to the image of the theatre, to show it is related to that and not the other information.

The text does not go OVER the image of the theatre, as this would be confusing and one might think that it was a sign or banner over the top of the theatre (much like the marquee).  Instead it is separate.

But all elements work nicely together and compliment each other.


The material includes most of the necessary information.  It includes what the show is, when it is, partially where it is, and what times it plays at.  The only other information missing would be the actual address of the theatre, but the website link for the theatre is located at the bottom and I assume information could be found there.

All of the other information is very clear and easy to understand.


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