Week 3: Example Site


KÀ by Cirque du Soleil



This website for KA has a good design for a few reasons.  First, it is colorful and appealing to the eye.  It is not cluttered, and has an image of a performer in costume that is very striking.  It “speaks” to what the show is like.  

It uses both light and dark, and good contrast between the colors.  There is a simple menu at the top where information is easy to find.  There is a main focus to the right on their goal – to get viewers to buy tickets.  There is also a video that the viewer can play if they so wish.

I think having the option of viewing the video is a better idea than having a big flash thing going on or some other complicated web code that some viewers’ browsers may not be able to handle.  This website is “easier” to view although it is less impact than a special splash page or flash animation going on in the background.

My only criticism would be having enough information on the home page where the user must scroll down.  I was taught in a web design class to keep the home page simple, and not have a ton of information that required the user to scroll.  That is just a personal preference though.  And this website does not contain TONS of information; it is very clear and balanced.

The website represents the show well.  It is captivating and intriguing.  They make use of various videos and photos, and have a menu category for all different types of media.  Social media is used, but it is not very prominent and is located towards the bottom of the page.



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