Week 2: Introduction

My name is Kaedra and I am a fifth year senior at The University of Akron.  I have an Associate’s of Applied Business in Computer Information Systems – Cisco Networking.  I completed that degree a few years ago, but have abandoned that career field (fixing computers can drive one insane), and I am working towards two different Bachelor’s degrees.

The first Bachelor degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, with a production/design emphasis.  The second degree is a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Supervision, which is merely to not waste the extra credit hours I completed for my Cisco degree (and put them towards a different Summit College degree).  

I’ve always been involved in both art and computers since I was a teenager.  I took my first art class (outside of normal school classes) when I was 14.  I’ve enjoyed both traditional and digital artwork ever since, but primarily I focus on sewing costumes as my hobby.

Aside from traditional artwork classes, I have not taken any formal classes dealing with Photoshop or other applications.  However I love to experiment with those programs and I use some of them quite frequently (outdated versions I can afford, of course).  In dealing with website building, I have experience from my computer degree – but we had to code our html/xml/css in a wordpad instead of using an application; but, I have experimented with certain web design applications.

As for video editing, I cannot stand to edit on a Windows computer with the free programs provided, but I have used an older version (~2008) of iMovie on my Mac.  I’ve also experimented with Adobe Premiere here and there but don’t have much experience.

My goals for the class are simple – continue to learn more about the tools we will be using.  I feel like I have a somewhat strong background in design (compared to the average non-design student), but I would love to learn more about the programs that can help me put this knowledge to good use.  I do not have access to the current versions of the Adobe Creative Suite or other applications like Final Cut, so it will be interesting to learn the new interfaces of these programs on the computers in the Mac lab.


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